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Sentry Safe Factory Combination

sentry safe factory combination

With 6 large, 1" bolts and a pry-resistant hinge bar, the Combination Fire Safe SF205CV keeps all your documents and valuables protected from fire and theft.

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Request a key replacement and a combination recovery for your SentrySafe product with our quick-and-easy replacement and recovery process.

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Open the door of the safe, and ensure those shipping screws have been removed (if any) Find the combination code on the user manual (usually there is a sticker on the user manual) If you are using a dual key/combination model of the Sentry Safe, insert the key into the keyhole, push in and turn to “unlock” position.

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Find Your Model/Serial Number. SentrySafe is committed to providing you the support you need. To find your model or serial number, identify your safe type from the options below.

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To set a new combination, known as the primary user code, press the "P" button and then enter the factory code that appeared on the back of your owner's manual. Open the safe by turning the handle. Once you have done so, the green "proceed" light will be illuminated, and you'll have five seconds to enter a new five-digit code.

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I can easily 'break into' this SENTRY SAFE, but would rather not. The sticker says: S0310 and underneath that is says: BD243312. So my question, this dial combination on the safe appears to be low quality, so I am assuming the combination is set from the factory and without knowing the factory setting I will have to bust it open...

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I show you How To Open A Locked Sentry Safe If You Forgot The Combination Or Loss Your Digital Code Or Lossed Your Key. The Sentry Safe in this video is Model # X055. Thank you for watching

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By Gus Stephens Updated July 17, 2017 The Sentry CSW4747 fire safe features a programmable digital electronic lock and multiple live locking bolts. The CSW4747 provides one hour of fire protection for CDs and DVDs at temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit and is verified watertight in case of submersion.

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Subscribe: https://goo.gl/2b7efP. Bought Sentry Safe S3877 with no code at Estate Sale, how to use with just the key - Duration: 4:58. Pro Solo Flipper 3,102 views

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Family-owned, spanning three generations and 80 years, SentrySafe is proud to be the security container pioneer and world-leader. In this technologically advanced age, we're committed to continually expand our product offerings in identity theft, media and electronic-data protection. We're proud and honored to be there when you need us most.

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If your safe is the dual combination/key model place the key in and turn it to the unlocked position Turn the dial to 0 (zero) and turn the dial clockwise passing the number 0 three times, stopping at the first combination number on the third time

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Other Sentry safes probably work similarly. I lost the combination to this safe a long time ago but it was unlocked. Getting the combination from one of these safes when it's in this state is very ...

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Get free shipping on qualified SentrySafe products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today.

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Buy SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination 1.23 Cubic Feet Gray: ... How to Open a Sentry®Safe Combination Dial and Dual Key Fire Safe, with Right-Left-Right Sequence . ... You can program two additional codes that will unlock the safe, but the factory code cannot be changed.

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The Sentry V260 safe has an electronic keypad lock as well as a four-bitted key lock. It is designed to protect valuables in the event of a house fire as well as keep items secure. The electronic keypad lock can be opened using either the factory set access code or the user code that is programmed by the safe's owner.

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Step 1. Get a sledgehammmer. Step 2. Hit safe with sledgehammer. Did it open? If not repeat step 2 until it does. Most Senty safes are very cheaply made and cannot hold up to much abuse, however if you happen to have a heavier duty model then this...

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Sentry Safe DS3410 Fireproof Safe. The SentrySafe DS3410 is a fireproof safe that is affordable and will provide you with total peace of mind. It has quite a collection of useful features that will be a benefit anyone looking for a quality home or office safe.


4 5 NOTE: Store combination (and keys if equipped) in a secure location (other than in the safe). NOTE: Combination can not be changed. NOTE: SentrySafe offers a secure online location for the entry and retrieval of your combination. Go to www.sentrysafe.com and register your safe. 1 Ensure any shipping screws have been removed. Located on the inside of the door.

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the safe: 1. Factory code (Found on the fi rst page of this guide) You can always open the safe by entering the pre-set 5-digit factory code. This code cannot be deleted. 2. User code If you prefer to employ your own code, you can program the safe to open using a 5-digit user code of your choice. 3. User pin

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Fax: 585-381-2940 However, because it is urgent that you get into your safe, a better course of action for you might be to call a local licensed locksmith/safe technician who can contact Sentry for you, and upon verification that you are the rightful owner of the safe, the technician may be able to get your combination on the spot.

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Reset A Sentry Safe Combo. To reset your Sentry Safe combination, you will need the original facotry combination. Rochester, N.Y.-based Sentry Safe has been making security containers in the United States since the 1930s.

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I have a S3870 Sentry safe. I enter my 5 digit ( factory combination ), the key is turned to the right, the green light goes on, I hear a sound, but the handle cannot go down full and thus the door does not open.

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I have a sentry safe, model CSW3813. The batteries work. The cylinder is popped open with the key. But no matter how many times I enter the preset factory electronic lock combination, the door will no … read more


I have a sentry safe, model CSW3813. The batteries work. The cylinder is popped open with the key. But no matter how many times I enter the preset factory electronic lock combination, the door will not open

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Set your own digital combination fire safe with secondary locking key for strong security; digital combination safe features four live-locking bolts, steel construction, pry-resistant hinge bar, locking drawer, interior light, and bolt down hardware ... (Sentry Safe Locking Drawer 913). I have included pictures to help you get an idea how big ...

Sentry Safe Factory Combination

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Sentry Safe Factory Combination